Horseman 3 - Famine - Hellish Horseryeder

(*) The music accompanying this beer is on Requires a Spotify connection / account. Look for Playlist : Hellish Horseryeder - Famine.
The story so far ...

War (Essence of War - Saison style beer) waged strife across the lands. Men was fighting men ... Innocent civilians becoming victim as endless pawns were moved from battefield to battlefield as was it some kind of boardgame going berserk ...

After War Pestilence (Oyster Stout)  started brewing plans to manipulate food, put the economic factor in the equation as food becomes a number on the stockmarkets. And finally ... the third horseman is coming closer, riding on his skeletal steed accross the barren wastelands War & Pestilence have left behind. Leftovers of humankind will be justified and taken down or up. The 7 circles of Dante are awaiting the sinners (hell ... a warm place but kinda uncomfortable) while the righteous ones ... well they will be able to get a beer, a sofa and can enjoy the apocalypse being assured once Death arrives they can navigate the seas of the sun ...

The Beer accompanying the Story


Style : Special B with Chili

  • Malts :  Biscuit, Rye Pils
  • Hops : Sorachi, Cascade, Mosaic
  • Additions : Chili Peppers
  • Yeast : Danstar Nottingham
  • EBU : 39,4 EBC : 22