Horseman 2 - Pestilence


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The story so far ...

War has made it's move. Time for Pestilence to step in ... Food has become an equivalent of industry. Men does not know anymore the origins of fair & honest resources. Meat is coming from overseas, animal factories with no respect for living creatures, crops are grown in giant factories. Tastes are being tampered with. And all this is supported by the industry lobbyists & bureaucrats all over the globe (anyone remember "Soylent Green is People" ?)

It is not a question if humankind will face a disaster due to such practices ... It is only when. Pestilence's end game is taking it's final stage. The Black Cauldron is poisoning the lands.

And after her passing, from the barren wastelands, a man will come around ....The Hellish Horseryeder,Famine, lonely cowboy, will bring drought and hunger ... And he will decide upon the just & unjust.

The Beer accompanying the story

Style : Oyster Stout (EBU : 52 / EBC : 358) with following ingredients :

  • Malts : Black 1400, Pils, Biscuit, Special B, Amber 50, Cara 120
  • Yeast : danstar Nottingham
  • Hops : Northern Brewer, East Kent Golding
  • Additions : Candico Dark Sirup, Sugar, Oysters (boiled alive)

Description :

  • Black brew, dark as night,  with a combination of 25% pilsmalt & 75% roasted malts. Has touches of branded strong coffee , drop & chocolate flavours. Exceptionally brewed using oysters in the boiling kettle (This beer was brewed @ Pirlot in Zandhoven)