Horseman 1 - War - Essence of War


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The story so far ...

War's end game is finally taking place. As a skillfull puppet master his minions (referenced by War Pigs from Black Sabbath; Masters of War from Bob Dylan) have disrupted the peaceful plane of existence called Earth. Evil CEO's, conglomerates, financial instances and PMC's (Private Military Corporations) have disrupted the fragile balance of poor versus rich, peace versus war, local versus global. Men is fighting men. Women, children, husbands become victim to his evil machinations and their lust for false deities. Thus he prepares the arrival of his wicked sister called Pestilence. 

Amidst the barren wastelands, the lands are rotting. Crops get poisoned, genes are getting spliced, food is tampered with. The fumes of the Black Cauldron are visible from miles away.

Continued in November ... 

The music accompanying War is on Spotify &  Just look for Essence of War (published under my personal name).
The Beer accompanying the story













- Available NOW. IBU value of 30 and EBC : 20.

- Brewstyle : Saison / Farmhouse Ale.

- A blond, hoppy thirst quencher brewed with barley malts : pils (76%), munich (16%) & cara20 (8%). Enrichened with quality hops (Fuggles and Amarillo) and finally an injection of concentrated hop extract when putting the beer into bottles.

For this beer we cooperated with brewery Pirlot from Zandhoven.