4 Riders, 4 Horses,  4 Beers coming your way soon ! 

The idea of launching 4 beers referring to the 4 Horsemen originated with a Saison we were planning to produce about one year ago (2014) as remembrance to World War I. Unfortunately it was somehow delayed but the artwork (the person with the gasmask) was more or less ready for publication. At the same time we were thinking of using English names on our labels as a try-out. Since War was the background of this label the dots to the other 3 horsemen did connect some months later. By the end you'll see our gasmask persona is in fact a woman and keeps coming back in the 4 labels.

When going from the first horseman to the other ones (famine, pestilence & death) and exploring artwork for the labels we encountered some disturbing imagery on the net. Think of the killing fields in Cambodja, the A-bomb in Hiroshima, global terrorism, ... and having 2 young children at home we sadly realized our globe isn't exactly the nicest place to live on.

It's like that Warhammer 40K statement : 'in the grim dark future there is only war'. The apocalypse however is not about the 'end game' of humankind. It's about a turning point to start anew. And by looking at the camaraderie found in the craft brewers community I still have high hopes.


So let's raise our glasses, have a sip & make the journey together. Enjoy our samplebrewing of this beerrange below ... Cheers!


Black Cauldron Spit opnieuw ter beschikking

09-01-2017 15:57
Onze oesterstout , Black Cauldron Spit, is terug tijdelijk ter beschikking ... Verkrijgbaar bij Geers, Marlou en nog een aantal andere verkooppunten. Vind je 'm ergens niet. Vraag ernaar en laat het zeker eens weten dan proberen we 'm dichter bij u thuis te krijgen.

Extra brouwbeurt Horseman 2 - Pestilence AKA Black Cauldron Spit

03-08-2016 17:07
Wegens bijikomende vraag en de belangstelling voor deze Oesterstout nav. Plan Bier Waasland (vermelding als 1 van de verborgen parels van het Waasland) , wordt er in september een nieuwe brouwbeurt voorzien van deze oesterstout. Voor deze brouwbeurt gaan er wat extra oesters in de kookketel (wat...

Up to Date Reseller Addresses

05-07-2016 20:40
For those interested - Updated Reseller Addresses for the Hellish Horseryeder (4,5 alc% Rye Chili Speclal C beer) : Waasland Drinks Sint Niklaas Fontana Drinks Sint Niklaas Ghekiere Kortrijk Drinks4U Deinze Van Callenberge Stekene Marlou Zonhoven Wiijnegemse Drankencentrale If interested...

Famine ... The Third Horseman ... De Hellish Horseryeder

09-04-2016 11:49
Bijna is het zover ... Famine ... The Third Horseman ... De Hellish Horseryeder komt eraan Beschikbaar rond 27 mei ... Lichter dan een pilsje Smaakvolle doordrinker Met Roggemout en Chilipepers Interesse : contacteer ons op 0498 288 820 of jan@relatiebrouwer.be Ook beschikbaar via Districo...

Hellish Horseryeder riding out ...

23-03-2016 19:04
Soon horseman 3 will saddle up and ride out. The Hellish Horesryeder bound in flames and on a furious steed will come around and judge who is worthy and who is not. Enjoy this beer, the label while listening to Johnny Cash' 'The man comes around' or just login the Playlists.net and get the playlist...

Availability Black Cauldron Spit

08-12-2015 18:00
Horsemen 2; Pestilence, aka Black Cauldron Spit is/will soon be available at Waasland Drinks (Sint-Niklaas) De Moor (Haasdonk) Verberckmoes (Elversele) Schalienhuys(Temse), dranken Pelgrims ( Aarschot) Pyl-Blommaert (Zwijndrecht) Dranken Geers (Oostakker) Dranken Pauwels...

Pestilence's arrival is announced

08-11-2015 16:04
As from the 27th of November on our oyster stout Black Cauldron Spit will be available and ready for distribution or pickup. Alc 9%, EBU : 52,3, EBC : 358 Hereby a scent of the recipee : Barley malt :  Black 1400 (2,6%) Biscuit Malt 40 (20,8%) Pils Malt 3 (26%) Special B (Cara 400)...

Sampling Horserider 3 : Famine

06-11-2015 15:59
Bottling the Hellish Horseryder ... this is a sample tryout with Rye, Chilipeppers and Ahtanum, Northern brewer & Sorachi Ace. If OK it will be the baseline for the Horsemen coming next year Q1/2 : Famine . Style = Special C ... read all attributes from a Special B but with Chilipeppers...